My Little Slice Of Heaven

boo displayMy first book promotion was at the Hershey Convention Center in Hershey PA. Sept 8-11, 2011. I had a  good time and the reception my book received exceeded my expectations.  I had a corner booth and as you can see, set up my books at an angle the groomers could see from both isle ways.

I think the pink and black colors of my display looked very put together and professional.  My good friend Michelle Carrier offered to come along with me and I was so grateful.  She handled all the payments from the customers, kept the books stocked and was always in a great mood. I got to talk to a lot of groomers that were thinking about opening their own salons and answer some of their questions.  The target market I was looking for was all over that place.  I was thrilled to be so well received.

The other vendors around me were very busy selling and talking with everyone too. It is a great place for both consumers and exhibitors.

Overall it was a great show and I hope to be a speaker there next year. So mark your calendars for Mid Sept 2012 and I’ll see you in Hershey!