Using A Bathing System On A Cat

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Did you know that you can use bathing systems on cats?  In this photo Melvin is being washed with a recirculating bathing system. As you can see by his demeanor, he is quite relaxed about the whole process. His ears are pricked forward, and his eyes show that he is curious, not fearful.

Recirculating bathing systems get pets very clean, help remove shedding coat, and save on both water and product usage. Because Melvin’s coat was not particularly dirty or oily, he was bathed with Tropiclean aloe shampoo, a good all around mild cleansing product. 

The bathtub in the photo is the small tub made by Forever Stainless Company.  Melvin is sitting comfortably on an Ortho Mat,(these great mats are sold by Forever Stainless and come with the tubs,) which offers him a soft, secure place to be while he is bathed. 

We like this photograph because it shows that cats can be safely, humanely and kindly bathed.  Cat’s do not have to be stressed out while getting groomed.  Melvin is not even being restrained!

After his bath Melvin was dried with several warm towels, then gently fluff dried on the grooming table.  His owner says he always acts quite pleased with himself after his grooming.