Add Cat Grooming to Your Salon

Grooming Cats in Your Salon


It’s your choice whether to accept cats as grooming clients in your salon. We all know most felines HATE being washed, will fight you over the toenail clippers and don’t much enjoy the brush, either.With all the potential for a bloodbath, it’s easy to just say no to grooming cats. However, it can be done, and it can be profitable, too.

There are certain situations where you might want to accept a cat client:

1. You know the cat in question is a relaxed animal who doesn’t mind being ministered to. These cats DO exist. You have to decide if you trust the owner who tells you this is one of those cats. I have a feline client who is a wonderful rag-doll on the table. He even lets me clip his coat (a once a year job to remove the matts that built up).

2. You are an expert cat-handler. Cats can be whispered! Check out a few “animal whispering” books on the topic and talk to trainers and animal behaviorists about cats. There are people who cat whisper to tigers and lions – domestic kitties might be a snap for you. You might have the touch, and you might even choose to specialize.

3. You really like cats and are serious about learning cat grooming techniques. There are grooming courses focusing on the feline client, for example, or you could “apprentice” with a groomer who considers cat grooming old hat. There are techniques anyone with a sturdy arm and fearless disposition can use.

That said, do not attempt to groom cats unless you have been trained for it. Cats can draw some serious blood by tooth and claw. Plus, cat wounds invariably get infected. Your insurance may not cover cats, too – you may want to check!

If you can accept cats in your salon, you will always have an edge over most groomers who are afraid of Felis cattus. Try to provide specialty cat health and beauty products at the check-out area for cat owners to purchase, as well: hair products, brushes and mitts for cat hair, ear cleaner, coat conditioner and polish, pretty cat collars and leashes, with a few shiny kitty toys thrown in for fun. Your cat-owning clients will appreciate the special attention they recieve from you, in a profession overwhelmingly dominated by dogs!

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