Pain In The Neck

I could start with the figurative but will stay with the literal instead.  A lot of groomers, especially us seasoned pros tend to have a few health issues that we have obtained through many years of repetitious work.

One of mine is arthritis in my neck.  I am sure caused by more that 30 years of looking down at a grooming table.  I have been looking for a way to soothe my aches over the years and found one that does not require Motrin or a large glass of wine.

It is the simple neck roll.  I have just started trying this and have found great relief!  I sit in a chair with my feet flat on the ground. Close my eyes and breathe deep while I roll my head in circles.  First to the left and then to the right. I do this about 8-10 times. This combined with slow, deep breathing helps the pain as well as calms me down.

Please try it on a daily basis.  I know you will find it a beneficial thing to do for yourself.

Take care!!

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