Are You Ready?

Getting ready for the holidays means more than just getting your blades and shears sharpened.  Getting ready for me entails getting my shopping done before Thanksgiving, having my dryers maintained and meditating on a successful business and happy clients. 

Let’s not forget our physical selves.  Stock up on lots of water and healthy snacks at your salon to discourage eating all those Christmas cookies and boxes of chocolates you will receive.  Nothing drags you down faster that a diet of high sugar and fat!  If you are not already in the habit of stretching before you start your day you might want to establish some sort of routine now.  stretching and walking are one fo the best things you can do for your back, according to my Chiropractor.

Have a pre-holiday lunch with your staff and let them know how much you appreciate the great job they have done all year so far and that you know they will have a fun and profitable holiday season.  Praise goes a long way and if you want your staff to work as hard as you do then you have to let them know how important they are.


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