The Simple Things Are Big

Do you have an employee that goes above and beyond for you?  Do they offer to help without being asked?  Do they cover for you while you run a few errands, go to an appointment or don’t feel well?

If you want to have them continue this wonderful behavior you must show your appreciation for them. People just want to be recognised and when you do that they will most likely want to give you more of the same.  A simple compliment will be appreciated. Tell them that you are proud to have them working with you, buy them lunch or just send them some flowers with a nice card.

Don’t put it off.  I know how easy it is to get busy and become distracted but you must recognise the good things in your life or they will fail to show up for you in the future.   It will also make you feel good about your self!  So get busy.  You can thank me later, LOL.

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