Relax People!

I just received a call from one of my newer clients the other day with “just a question”.  She wanted to know if anything had happened to her little dog while her was being groomed last week.  She is one of those clients that doesn’t want her dog in a cage, especially if it is off the ground because he is afraid of heights!  She also makes him a wreck by kissing him constantly and telling him it will be alright and Mommy will be back very soon.  She also tell me “not to hurt him” which infuriates me to no end.

Me: What do you mean?

Her: Did he fall off a table?

Me: What! Of course not. What is he doing?

Her: He was fine for a couple of days and now he is hiding from me.

Me: Are you following him around or watching him a lot?

Her: Yes, I want to figure this out.

Me: Ignore him for the rest of the day and see if he improves. You are making him nervous by your constant attention and it is freaking him out.

Her: Are you serious?

Me: Oh yes!

Me: If he does not improve by tomorrow he may need to be seen by a vet.  Dogs are very sensitive to routines and when the routine changes is it unsettling to them.

Her: I guess I can do this.

Two days later I called her to get an update.  He has had a miraculous recovery!  She still does not know what was ailing him be he is fine now.  How interesting. 

I am happy that he is better but I see another mystery illness around the corner at least once a year for the little guy.  His Mom does not need a dog, she need a hobby.

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