Rainy Days And Full Moons

There are very few predictable things that happen in a grooming salon.  Everyday is different and that is what I find to makes my day great.  Different breeds and different clients are constantly mixing things up to make the day fly by.  But when it rains I can count some things to happen that are pretty much guaranteed.

#1. Clients will be a few minutes late.  I don’t know if they forget how to drive in the rain or just getting out of bed on rainy days are the issues.

#2.  None of the dogs want to go outside for their morning constitutional before they arrive.  This, of course, means that I will be cleaning up a lot of messes.

#3.  The phone doesn’t ring as much.  That one I still have not figured out so if you have a theory please let me know.

These things also happen when it snows.  The other actions that are predictable is the dogs behavior during the waxing and full moon phase. Lunatic anyone? These are my observations about canine behavior.

#1. Submissive dogs that usually just cower now will bite.

#2. About half of the dogs will urinate a little when I pick them up.

#3. Dogs that have never had a problem with brushing, drying etc. now jump around and act like there is something wrong.

I think it takes a VERY SPECIAL person to be a groomer.  You either have it or you don’t.  Every day our patience and physical health are pushed to the limits.  Add in the unpredictable pets and their owners and that would be enough to have the average person looking for a new career.

I don’t know if we are lucky to do what we do or if we’re nuts! Either way I am happy that this is what has made me a content groomer and a financial secure person.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow too.  Time to refill the disenfectant bottle!

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