Poss and Angus

Last week while feeding my herd I noticed that a bunch of my alpacas were intently looking at something in the corner.  I was afraid it might be an injured animal and that taking the time to care for it would make me really late for work, but it was just a teeny-weeny kitten.  She is a pastel torti about 4 weeks old and scared out of her wits and very under weight.  Poor baby.  My husband took one look at her and said her name will be Poss because she looks just like an Opossum!

I took her up to the house, put her in a crate with a towel gave her some food and water and headed to work.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to work a long day because it was pouring rain when I arrived home. As soon as I could I went back out to the barn to check for more kittens.  Well, you know the old saying…if you are looking for trouble you will surely find it.  Into the barn I go and there running across the floor is kitten number two! A tan little boy who was just as thin and scared as his sister. 

He cried all the way up to the house but as soon as he was put with his sister he stopped.  They are now about 6 weeks old, getting a little chubby and spend their days playing instead of fighting to survive.  They have a vet appointment next week for kitten vaccines  and worming.  My husband wants to keep Poss and we are looking for a GREAT HOME for Angus.  Any takers?

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