Happy Tails

Sometimes we groomers go through the day like a robot.  WE have been doing this for so long we could do it in our sleep. Nothing crazy going on, one dog done on to the next 6.  And so it goes.

But try to remember why you started grooming in the first place.  You loved being around those cute little furry ( or not so furry) faces.  Don’t let the opportunity for you to stop and give that little on a pat on the head or a soft rub between the eyes. 

One of my groomers was working on a Shih Tzu yesterday that was standing so still and doing all that was required by her.  This little dog was wagging it’s tail every few minutes at her but she didn’t even notice.  I asked her to stop working for a minute and pet him.  She laughed and loved him up a bit and said that she was so wrapped up in what she was doing she didn’t even notice his wagging tail.

So, slow down, smell the roses in life and give a belly rub to your dogs as well as some of the people in your life.  Love makes the world go around.

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