Run Forrest Run!

I have a German Shepherd named Savannah that we call Mal.  Long story.  Any how, she is 2 years old and is in no hurry to grow up and slow down. She fails to realise that I, on the other hand, am 54 yrs old and getting slower.  Every time I watch Forrest Gump I get a kick out of hearing them say “run Forrest run!” because it reminds me of her.

I take her on a daily run, off lead, on the farm for about 1-2 miles.  Then I throw a stick in the pond for her about 15 times.  She loves to swim.  I mean really swim.  No wading in chest deep for that girl!

My son came over last night, after I had already taken her for her daily run and took his bat out of his truck and hit a softball for her to fetch at least 30 times.  Off she would go like a bullet, chasing that ball where ever he hit it.  It does not matter how far into the woods or field, she always finds it.  She does come from a long line of working dogs and she even has a high pain tolerance.  Yesterday she hit her leg on a trailer while chasing a ball.  The noise that was made when she hit it was awful but not a peep out of her.  She just brought the ball back on three legs!  She recovered in a few minutes but what a tough girl she is.

I hope someday she slows it down a bit.  I could use a rest.

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