Self-Serve Your Salon For Extra $

What a great way to bring in some extra income!  If you have the space, this is a good way to increase your bottom line.  I think it is important to have a shampoo system when doing this otherwise you risk the customer wasting a lot of your shampoo therefor lowing your profit margin.  Charge by the half hour. In my area $20.00 is the going rate.  Give the client access to towels, no heat dryers, brushed and combs.  A selection of finishing spray or cologne would be a nice touch.

Have the drying area a least 10 feet from the tub so that if there is another client waiting they will be able to get their pet washed while the other client dries theirs. 

Place instructions up on how to wash a dog and include a list of add ons that they can purchase such as oatmeal and medicated shampoos, blueberry facials and re-moisturizer. 

A second sheet should be inclued grooming services such as nail trimming and dremel, ear plucking and cleaning and anal gland expressions.  These services would be performed by a groomer, which of course will carry a “special service” fee. 

Please don’t make the mistake of trying to fit the walk in self-serve people use the same area as your groomers.  You will have a mutiny before you know it.  Keep the separate and keep the peace.

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