Take Care Of Yourself

So says a good friend to me the other day.  I have been absent for a bit due to an illness that my Mother is dealing with right now.  While she recovers she has been living with me and although she is a perfect house guest I am getting pretty worn out by trying to incorporate her life and appointments into my own.  I have 4 jobs and now I have added Head Nurse to my titles. 

I am writing this as I am planning on taking a short nap soon but wanted to touch base with all of you.  I am sure things will slow down a bit in a few weeks so I am trying to remove some of the stress of which I place on myself. 

After my nap I am going to cook something yummy for dinner and then call it a night. Tomorrow I promise to get more exercise, meditate and look at the sunny side of life. No one is going to take care of me but me.  The same goes for you.  Stretch out while you are still in bed, be grateful for all the great things in your life and keep the complaining to a minimum.  After all, nobody like a complainer.

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