I’m Back!

” Be sure to take care of yourself” said a friend of mine recently.  I am trying my best.  Over a month ago my Mother moved in with my husband and I.  She is battling lung cancer and I am glad to report she is doing ok.  Daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy has thrown my life into a tizzy!  What is a tizzy anyway?  I digress.  Anyway I have also been plugging away at getting my presentation prepared for the Groom and Kennel Expo.  This event is next week, Feb. 2nd through the 5th.  I am scheduled to speak on Saturday and Sunday that weekend.  I feel confident that I am prepared but don’t have any idea how many people will show up for my talk.  Could be 100 or maybe just me and the crickets, I’ll have to let you know.

Please keep my Mother in your prayers and send me all the good vibes you have. I will need it to get me through my anxiety!!  Wish me luck.

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