Don’t Skimp

Has anyone ever handed you a business card that was made out of really cheap card stock?  It is thin, dull and maybe not even centered right.  This will say a lot about you as a person and your business.  Don’t be cheap when it comes to your business cards and any printed marketing materials.

You can get great deals by ordering online but I always try to give my local printer the chance to compete. Afterall, they are small business owners too and taking care of the community will help attract more clients and cover any extra costs that you may incur by buying from a fellow business owner.  The printer I use not only brings her dogs to me for grooming but has recommended me to her extended family.  This recommendation alone has brought me 6 regular clients.  Think about that.  If I had bought my business cards online I could have saved about 20% of my one-time costs but in the end I have gained two days worth of grooming clients that come in every 4-6 weeks!

What goes around comes around.  That is the truth.

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