It’s All In The Name

Naming your business correctly is very important. It must be apparent what service you are offering as well as be easy to remember.  I met a groomer recently that made named her salon Who’s Walking Who. A cute name for a dog walking business but not a grooming salon. She realized this and is going to make some changes.

I saw a few others that were very clever and let you know what services they offered. I loved Cocker Poodle Doo from Chester County PA.  Bridget Sullivan knew how to get your attention and let you know what she did.  Another one was Dirty Hairy Pet Services. I had quite a laugh over that one and will probably remember him for a long time.

Don’t forget that when you are making any kind of signage or fliers to make the words PET GROOMING the largest and boldest. People are always in a hurry and will not take the time to scan your sign for what you do. When you place pet grooming first and foremost the people that are looking for a groomer will stop and take a second look for your contact info.

Keep it simple.

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