Nobody Wants to Be a Doormat

I found out the hard way, don’t be your employees friend.  I had no management training before opening my first business, and I want to save you a lot of trouble but telling you this now, always maintain your position. 

When I first opened I just wanted everyone to enjoy their work place and also having me as their boss.  Not a good idea at all.  You set yourself up for your employees to not take you seriously and having a huge lack in respect.  I could see it all very clearly a couple of years down the road that I had made a huge error.  You will not get the respect you deserve by being their friend.  They will act just like children do when their parents don’t step up and run the show.  I would never allow my children to take advantage of me the way I allowed some of my employees to.  I was not clear on the boundries of my personal life, therefore allowing them to get out of control.

The resentment will build up inside you an cause you to be angry to all around you. I have found that having relatives work for you, at least in my case, doesn’t work either.  Keep your business just that, a Business!  You are the owner and have all the responsibility on your shoulders.  Employees have no place offering opinions that are not asked for and not following the rules 100% of the time.  Keep your staff at arms length.  Treat them with respect but don’t involve them in your personal life.  Don’t mention your problems or any big purchases with them.  They will just resent that you have something they don’t.  It sounds petty but it is the truth.

My current employees are treated very well, just like the last crew, however, they definitely know who the boss is and don’t push the boundries.  If you are a people pleaser like me this will be a difficult task at first.  Stay firm, give warnings when behavior is unacceptable you will have a smooth running business.

A friend of mine has a grooming salon not to far from my home.  She has a intersting approach to the occasional smart alec remarks from one of her groomers. My friend had just purchased a beautiful new Lexus.  When she pulled up in it and walked into the salon one of the groomers said “Boy, it sure must be nice to be rich!”  with out missing a beat” It sure is” and wlaked passed her.

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