Doodle Dogs

What’s up with all the Doodle dogs? You know, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles,Weimerdoodles. Back in the day these used to be called mutts, mixed breeds and accidental matings. And the price! Holy cow. The designer dog market is alive and thriving.

The people who started this trend sure know how to market. Just put a new fancy name on it and call it a Designer Dog and they will come a running. I am in the presence of such a beauty as I speak. A huge hulk of a dog named Jack. He is a goldendoodle and a good 90 pounds. Cute as a bug and is constantly hitting me with his baseball bat of a tail. He is here for his monthly hairdo and I  always look forward to seeing him.

So here is my next question:

Why are they so big? I think that they must have one of those mysterious genes like a mule. When you breed a horse to a donkey you get a mule. Have you ever seen a mule in person? They are enormous! The horse and donkey they come from are not that large, so why are the they? I think the Doodle dogs are the same in that respect. Where in that DNA chain did things get amplified? Genetics can be so mystifying.  By the time these genetic are figured out the “breed” will be out of fashion, just like the pet rocks and beanie babies.

 I have a miniature donkey on my farm. She is such a love. Not very big at all which also makes her usefulness kind of minimal. She is a great guard for my 45 alpacas but she would rather be sunbathing or eating during her waking hours. Maybe I should start breeding my mini donkey to a pony and see what I get. Or maybe not. I don’t think she would appreciate being the ass end of an experiment.( Sorry, I couldn’t help it ) Although, if I called them designer equines I might make a few bucks! I could call them Ponkeys or Donies. Hmmmm, the possibilities.

We can’t forget about the smaller designer dogs. I have seen schorkies, morkies, schnoodles, boodles, cavachons, poochies, puggles, foxies , pappapoo’s and of all crosses a havachin! I have enough chins, don’t need another.

This phenomenon must drive the serious breeders of pure bred dogs crazy.  All the years of trying to breed the best they can, they are out done by breeders of mixed breed pups and making a killing financially. But I hope they take heart in knowing that everything is cyclical. Things will rebound and pure breeds will once again be in fashion.

I am not, nor have I ever been a dog breeder.  I have been a groomer  for over 30 years watching the trends come and go and having gratitude for the pure breed producers for staying the course. I love working on a dog that has a great coat, no skin issues or is spooky in temperment. As a lover of pure bred German Shepherds I take my hat off to all you whom work so hard to maintain a solid breed and keep your standards high.

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