You Hack!

When you get a complaint about a grooming, how do you handle it?  Do you give the phone to the groomer who groomed the dog? Do you get defensive? Don’t know what to do?

This is the time to step up as the owner. Do not let your groomers handle this call!  It is your responsibility to take care of these problems so you can correct them. Let the person talk till they feel they have made their point.  If it is sloppy haircut or a injury they are complaining about ask them to bring the dog back so you can evaluate it. 

If the haircut really is that bad offer the next groom free. Make a note in your personnel file on the groomer and deal with them.  Remember the 3 strikes your out rule! If it is an injury then you have to deal with that the way you feel most comfortable with.

A nick on a pad or ear leather should be able to be cured with some triple antibiotic cream and a bandage, but please make it very clear to them that you are not a veterinarian and if they are not comfortable with you suggestions then they should call one.

Apologize for any inconvenience this has caused them and offer them some form of compensation.  Next groom discount, free hot oil treatment, $5.oo off each groom for a year, etc.

You can’t control all your employees movements but you can appease the customer with heartfelt understanding. Somtimes it will cost you a bit of dough but what is more important, $100 or your reputation?

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