Love Thy Neighbor

This blog is for the salon located in close proximity to another business.

I had a travel agent next to me at my first location.  While she was setting up her business she would borrow all kinds of tools and use my phone.  This was before cell phones.  She was pleasant and I was happy to help. 

After she was in business for a few months she started banging on the walls telling me to “shut those dogs up!”  How quickly she forgot to be pleasant!

I ignored her at first.  Then my landlord came in to tell me that he was going to add extra insulation in the walls that separated us.  What a great idea!  He then proceeded to pull out a ladder and climb into the ceiling.  I told him that this issue is with her and that he really should be doing this on her side of the wall because it was causing all the dogs to get disturbed and excited.  He knew  I was not going to back down and took care of business during her business hours. 

I would still say good morning to her and offer to help if she needed it but I am no push over.  Stay polite to all of your neighbors but remember that you too have rights as a tenant.

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