Romeo Romeo, Where for Art Thou?

I groom a very small yorkie named Romeo.  I have been his groomer exclusively since he was a pup.  He is now 15 years old.  I know all his little quirks and how he still like to have his little “play” session when I am done with his haircut.

He has a companion malti-poo at home named…you know it, Juliette.  She is just as sweet as little Romeo.  His owner always pre-books before leaving the salon for four weeks in advance.  I received a call from her a few days ago saying that the next appointment she will bring in Juliette alone.  I asked if everything was OK with Romeo and she said he disappeared!  What !!!??  How can that be?

She went on to tell me that they live in a sub-division that does not allow fences.  That was never a problem before because her two dogs never left the yard.  She continued to say that she let him out in the afternoon to go potty and sort of forgot about him for a short while.  When she went to let him in he was gone.

The whole family went frantically looking for him to no avail.  All the local agencies were called along with the police. His description: Black and Tan Yorkie wearing a sweater with sculls and crossbones on it, micro-chipped and has ID tags on.  After a week of searching he did not turn up.

Many possibilities of what happened to my beloved little man:

#1.  hit by a car

#2. Stolen

#3. eaten by coyotes

#4. wandered off and couldn’t find his way home.

Turns out the answer was #4.  I just received a text from Romeo’s owner saying she had a phone call from the local animal control.  They said a homeowner from the next sub-division called them because there was a dead Yorkie under their shrubs,

Poor Romeo.  With these below freezing temps at night I hope he didn’t suffer long.

This story reminds me of the old wives tale about old pets going off to die.  I don’t believe it.  I truly think they get confused and can’t find their way home.  They keep walking until someone picks them up of they have one of the above happen. 

His owners are the nicest people you will ever meet and are very responsible too.  After 15 years of him staying in the yard it never occurred to them that he may be getting a bit senile and needs to be kept tied up or in an X pen.

I feel bad for the whole family.  They miss that little guy with all their hearts.  Me too 🙁


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Pain In The Neck

I could start with the figurative but will stay with the literal instead.  A lot of groomers, especially us seasoned pros tend to have a few health issues that we have obtained through many years of repetitious work.

One of mine is arthritis in my neck.  I am sure caused by more that 30 years of looking down at a grooming table.  I have been looking for a way to soothe my aches over the years and found one that does not require Motrin or a large glass of wine.

It is the simple neck roll.  I have just started trying this and have found great relief!  I sit in a chair with my feet flat on the ground. Close my eyes and breathe deep while I roll my head in circles.  First to the left and then to the right. I do this about 8-10 times. This combined with slow, deep breathing helps the pain as well as calms me down.

Please try it on a daily basis.  I know you will find it a beneficial thing to do for yourself.

Take care!!

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